What is Green Design And How Can It Help Your Family

Green design involves choosing and using materials that sustain the environment , result in healthier living for your family and can even save money. In green design we try to make choices that eliminate waste while preserving the planet.
Green design can start right in your kitchen. If you are looking to remodel, consider building materials that do not leach poisonous and harmful chemicals into your living space. For example, the laminates used in kitchen cabinets may use urea formaldehyde as an adhesive which can give off harmful toxins. A better choice would be formaldehyde-free MDF (medium density fiberboard), Forest Stewardship Council certified plywood or bamboo. Similarly, when choosing wood for cabinets, select wood from sustainable forests. Avoid exotic woods like African teak, Caribbean mahogany or Brazilian redwood as these are endangered. One of the most sustainable building materials is bamboo. It grows quickly, is in abundant supply and is strong and attractive. It can be used for cabinets, floors, blinds and furniture.
Another area for energy efficiency in the kitchen is appliances. Choose appliances that have an Energy Star rating. This will give an estimated yearly cost for electricity. You can then compare appliances to choose the one that not only saves energy but saves money as well.

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