Sustainability: The New Way of Changing The Future

If one were to look back on the early ideals of the future, we would be envisioning more than just a wonderland of technology. It also suggests a massive amount of waste. Most people don’t look into this image so deeply, but once it has been seen it cannot be unseen. All of those plastic apparatuses had to have been created somehow. All the metals for the implausible skyscrapers had to be harvested. Our old ideas of what the future entailed was nothing more than just an exercise in wastefulness.

But that’s not today’s view. Today, scientists aren’t looking to expand (and, by extension, expound our problems). Our vision of the future is one of sustainability and conservatism. We are looking to find the balance with our planet.

Architects and engineers are designing buildings that can sustain themselves off of solar energy. Futurists have envisioned entire cities within a single structure, each successive level securing the endemic needs of the populace. We’re researching oru current energy technologies such as wind, solar while continuing research into things like fusion. Fusion promises us a near infinite supply of clean energy.

The future as we see it now is brighter than as we saw it then. And it’s because our world is looking towards sustainability and balance.

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