Five Green Design Items You Can’t Live Without

Going green is not always as easy as it appears, but green design products have come a long way. These five products represent the green ideal, and you will find you can not live without them.

Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo fiber closely resembles cotton fiber and can be made into the same clothing items. Compared to cotton, bamboo is highly sustainable, better for the environment, and softer and safer for you against you skin.

Rechargeable Lawn Mower

Remember your dad’s electric mower and its orange power cord that was always in danger of being cut into pieces? No more cord; recharge your electric mower in your garage and enjoy the same quiet, electric mower.

Solar Backpack

Whether on the trail or on your way to school, solar backpacks offer the best in sustainable energy for all of your electronic gadgets.

Recycled Glass Countertops

If you want to support recycling, then you really should look into recycled glass for your kitchen countertops. There are an amazing variety of designs available with an impressive color palette.

Dual Flush Toilet

Do you want to save up to two-thirds on your water usage? Then you can not live without a dual flush toilet that allows you to flush different levels of water.

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